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A family holiday is often a huge part of our childhood memories. Whether it’s an overseas trip or something more local, whether in a plane, train, boat or car, time spent together as a family, sharing new and different experiences is both special and treasured.

There’s no doubt that our cameras get a big workout when on holidays! We snap away constantly, trying to capture all those precious moments so that we will be able to look back on them in years to come. But what about our kids? While we’re definitely including them in the process of making memories, we’re not giving them the opportunity to create a record for themselves of their own experiences while on holidays.

Travel journals are a great way to encourage and motivate kids to reflect on what they have seen and done while on holidays. More than that though – they are FUN!! In fact, the process can even start before you leave, by getting them involved in the planning!  By having a holiday countdown, a packing list and some ideas of what they might like to see and do, children can feel like they are part of the lead up to the trip which will also build their excitement.

Your child’s travel journal can be as simple or as intricate as you (or they!) like and of course suited to their individual abilities – quite basic for younger children and more detailed for older kids and teens. Younger kids will obviously need a bit more parental involvement, whereas older kids will be able to have loads of fun with it on their own.

Our My Little Journeys Classic Journal is a fairly simple, downloadable journal where each day, kids can write a short story about what they’ve done and their favourite parts of the day, as well as either draw or paste a picture relating to that day. Not too taxing from a parental involvement point of view, yet still fun for the kids and a great way to document the holiday.

Journal snapshot


(link to go here for MLJ Classic Journal)

There are also journal books which are pretty cool. This one from Kikki-K is simple yet colourful and fun:

kikki k journal

As too is this one we found on Etsy: (it says it’s a honeymoon journal but it’s a perfect kids holiday journal!)


If your children have a bit of a creative flair, it can be fun for them to create their own DIY journal. K-Mart usually have a pretty good arts and crafts section, as does Lincraft, or if you have a Riot Art & Craft or similar nearby, even better! This way, your kids will have exactly the kind of journal they want, that they can be extra proud of.

So there you go! Before your next trip, make sure you set your child/ren up with a journal so that they can really take notice of what they have experienced while on holidays. Taking the time to write and draw their own version of events and what it meant to them, will also cement it more firmly in their memory.

Remember, this is not your journal, it’s theirs! and children love the chance to be creative so let them go wild! Their journals are sure to become a treasured memento of fun childhood adventures that you will all be able to look back on in years to come.

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